FIREFLY: Your DIY exploration platform

We’ve partnered with Kentucky Space to bring you a flexible DIY exploration platform.

It’s available for pre-order now!

Firefly is a flexible-use fully assembled board that can serve as the basis for the brains, fuel, and voice for many different applications including:

  • high-altitude balloons
  • suborbital flights
  • CubeSat class satellites
  • small payloads for the International Space Station

as well as terrestrial applications such as

  • a weather station
  • robotics platform
  • remote control home automation
  • education and classrooms


  • Solar Rechargeable: Add your panels and go
  • Self powered command and data handling system: Easy to program Arduino compatible software
  • Onboard storage: Upgradeable too!
  • Onboard wireless communications: 70 cm HAM Band (Psst, you need a license for this)
  • Arduino Compatible: All of your Arduino breakout boards will fit right on top

We’ll be setting up some places to share software you can run on the device soon!

We need your help!  We need to pre sell 100 units to produce the first batch.  You like space and DIY don’t you?

Check out the web store for more technical details or email for more info!


Michael is the founder of and Product Designer at and as such can often be found cavorting with penguins or eating herring. Michael can be reached at and at and on twitter as @mrdoornbos

  • Brad Luyster

    Michael, will this be open source hardware? Will you guys be writing libraries for the transceiver?  Will any software be open source?

    • mrdoornbos

      The hardware is licensed by Kentucky Space and will not be open.  Initially anyway.  All of the software, including the transceiver libraries are open and will be available for download.  We’ll also be taking user submitted software that people would like to share with others and hosting a place for that.

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