Friday, 31 July 2015

Evadot and Kentucky Space think YOU can hack space


In just a little while, when the Umpa Lumpas finish manufacturing the first batch, we’re going to start offering CubeSat prototype kits for a fraction of what it costs today.

Meet Firefly

Firefly is a flexible-use printed circuit board that can serve as the basis for the brains, fuel and voice for many different applications including

  • high-altitude balloons
  • suborbital flights
  • CubeSat class satellites
  • small payloads for the International Space Station

as well as terrestrial applications such as a

  • weather station
  • robotics platform
  • remote control
  • home automation
  • education and classrooms

Some features you may like :-)

  • solar-rechargeable
  • self-powered Command and Data Handling System
  • onboard storage
  • onboard wireless communications (70 cm HAM Band)

We’ll be taking pre orders soon at a discount to get this thing launched.  Email for more information.

Happy hacking!

Author: Michael Doornbos

Michael is the founder of and Product Designer at and as such can often be found cavorting with penguins or eating herring. Michael can be reached at and at and on twitter as @mrdoornbos


  1. Oh, man! That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen today. Please tell me you’ll have one of these to show off at SXSW…

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