Saturday, 01 August 2015

Evadot Podcast #84 – So you want to launch your own space hardware eh? Psst. you can!

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Guests: Will Baird

Project Website:

Will is the team leader of a team competing in the Google Lunar X PRIZE. They are passionate about creating a vibrant space industry and are putting together two exciting seminars in the coming weeks to help kickstart this industry.

On Nov 12 and 13th, you should head over to the Nanosat Challenge Seminar or the free parallel public seminar, where you’ll be able to learn from and cavort with some of the most interesting entrepreneurs today.

Host: Michael Doornbos

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Author: Michael Doornbos

Michael is the founder of and Product Designer at and as such can often be found cavorting with penguins or eating herring. Michael can be reached at and at and on twitter as @mrdoornbos

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