Sunday, 01 February 2015

Google Lunar X PRIZE Team Summit Night Life

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This week I traveled to the Isle of Man in the UK for the Google Lunar X PRIZE team summit.  I now have a TON of content I need to wade through but here a video of a fantastic dinner across the street from an 800 year old castle.

How many GLXP team members, investors, Google staff and and X PRIZE staff can you name in this video?

Author: Michael Doornbos

Michael is the founder of and Product Designer at and as such can often be found cavorting with penguins or eating herring. Michael can be reached at and at and on twitter as @mrdoornbos

1 comment

  1. Anonymous

    What an exciting event! Please send our best regards to the Part Time Scientists and enjoy the Summit.!
    Best wishes from the towel ready MoonBots Team Just Ducky from Woodbury, MN.

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